Keychain Lock Picker

This is a very small keychain lock-picking tool measuring just 2.25 inches in length it can go in a keychain and won't be noticed among all the normal keys.

The tool has 3 picks and a mini tension tool. The first pick is a car lock pick, a double sided jiggler pick. The second pick is a double bump rake pick that is good for drawers, padlocks and doors the double bump makes the work faster since the chances of hitting the correct pin are doubled when raking.

The third pick is a feeler pick, with just a single bump to set pins individually, this can be used in more difficult locks or for training to detect the individually setting pins.

The tool comes with a small tension tool that can be removed turning a screw, it is good for tension in small locks but won't work with big sturdy locks. Make sure you don't lose the tension tool because otherwise all the picks become useless.

This small tool can be ordered for $6 from this site.


Nanook said...

Not a bad set. Not a primary one, but nice a nice addition to your keychain. The rubber slipcover came off on mine in pocket, allowing the tension tool to get lost. Twice (my vendor sent a replacement).

I even put masking tape on the sides to give the slipcover more grip, but no dice. Maybe someone can think of a better way to keep it on.

jason said...

Its actually about $30 not $6 the $6 is how much they say you save compared to retail

Anonymous said...

If you google for "lockpickshop coupon codes", you will find coupon codes which will save you 10% on the order.

Anonymous said...

I love the size and functionality of this unit, but the picks break pretty easy and there is zero support from the company that makes the unit. I just tossed mine in the trash.