Sony MDR EX71 Fontopia bud style headphones

This earbud-style headphones from Sony are a good quality for the price, they have excellent bass sound and very good noise cancelation, the plastic buds are confortable to wear inside your ears.

They come with a carrying case and a cord extension, the cord without the extension is good for arm or neck carried MP3 players but will probably be short for your pockets or a backpack, with the extension the length will be fine but maybe a little excesive. Does this mean the cord is always either too short or too long? Probably yes but it all depends on how you carry your gadgets.

For an Ipod and comparing to Apple headphones this ones have better sound, extremely good bass and they don't have the "ipod owner please mug me" label on them. The cord is probably not as strong as the cord in Apple's headphones so some care will probably be needed. The cord did not break or shown signs of wear in our tests but it looks more delicate than Apple's.

You can get them from Amazon for $30.

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