OpenX package opener

Plastic packaging produces more injuries than knives. Cuts, blood in your fingers, broken teeth lead to madness and frustration when you are dealing with one of those "impossible to open" platic sealed packages.

The idea behind the stubborn plastic packages is to make stealing a lot harder, it turns out they make stealing impossible unless you steal the whole package but it makes opening for the legitimate owner the same impossible task.

The open-x is a tool specifically designed to open such packages it has a retractable piercing blade that you use to perforate the plastic and make a small incission (about 1 inch) once you have that incission made you insert the tip of the tool and slide through the plastic cutting it open. The dual-blade design works great and is safe to have around when opening boxes or packages without risk of getting hurt.

Can you do the same with other tools? Probably but the sliding blade is really the ad-hoc tool for opening the plastic packages so if you do that a lot this tool will help you reduce damage to your person and your mental health.

You can read more information at the official website or order for about $5 from Amazon.

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