Phoebus Wilderness Kit

This illumination kit consists of a Luxeon 1 watt flashlight and several accesories to use the flashlight in different configurations.

The flashlight itself uses either a 1xC123 lithium battery or 2AA batteries, so the first accesory is precisely a 2AA body for the flashlight. The light has a 20 lumen output and is certainly not very bright compared to other luxeon lights in the market, the runtime is about 2.5 hours using either the 1x123 or 2xAA body.

The next accesory is a lantern, the flashlight can be screwed into the lantern and then used as a task light, night stand or camp light the lantern accesory features a dome and a reflector to diffuse the light in all directions, it works very well. The next accesory is a tripod that is just a standard mini tripod that can be used to attach the lantern accesory, it has 3 collapsable legs and a ball joint head to point the lantern in the direction you want. Any standard camera mini tripod will work and a standard full sized tripod can be used as well.

The next accesory is a headlamp that has the headband and a carrier for 2 AA batteries, the head ot the flashlight can be screwed to the carrier in the front of the headlamp it will be probably a little bulky for the amount of light it produces.

Without doubts the lantern accesory is the best of this kit, the flashlight is dim and the runtime is not very great for a camp light or lantern, the headlamp is too bulky and the runtime and brightness is also not very attractive for a headlamp. It's a pitty the accesories are not sold independantly because without further discussion we would recommend the lantern and disregard all the rest. No doubt you can get a better lantern, better headlamp and better flashlight buying different sepparate products what makes the kit interesting is the ability to have everything sharing the same LED bezel. Unfortunately the bezel is not bright enough, the headlamp is not good and the tripod is not needed since any regular tripod will be useful. Great idea but not the right execution.

You can read more about this kit in Phoebus website or order for $89 from TAD Gear.

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