Rite in the Rain Pocket Notebook Kits

Rite in the rain products are excellent for outdoor enthusiasts, camping and backpacking as a provider of writing notepads that can be used without getting damaged by the weather.

This kit features a pocket notebook, a pen and a cordura nylon cover, it can be carried in your pocket or in a backpack and will not get damaged by daily use, rain, humidity or sunlight.

The notebook is the go-anywhere notebook it has a polydura cover and will be able to write even under water. The notebook has 50 sheets for a total of 100 pages, it does feel a little waxy when writing and it is not recommended for gel ink pens but it will hold very well if used with ballpoint pens. This kit came with a 4'' x 6'' notebook but other sizes are available.

The pen is a pressurized ink black metal body pen that will write in all weather conditions, even under water or upside down. It has been tested in very low and very high temperatures and kept writing without any problems.

The cover is a cordura nylong strong cover with a zipper closure and slots for four writing utensils.You can keep the zipper open if you are using the notebook and close it to prevent losing your pens when you store it. This kit is available in green, yellow or tan colors and you can choose different sizes and different kinds of notebook refills. Getting soem notebook refills is definitively a good idea.

You can read more and order for $22.95EA from Rite in the Rain's website.

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