Keychain Screwdriver

This is a very small keychain screwdriver featuring both a flat screwdriver and a philips screwdriver in a small presentation.

The keychain consists of a strong stailess steel flat-style split ring attached to a chain link that is in turn attached to a stainless steel swivel, the swivel is then attached to a small delta-shaped steel chain link. The link is threaded to a small hole in the top part of the screwdriver.

To use it just unscrew the end that you want to use to get either the philips or the flat screwdriver, both of them are small in size, the flat end works well with glasses and can be used as a very small scraping tool or for very light prying. The philips is useful for small philips screws typical in some electronic gadgets. You can remove it from the delta chain link and directly attach it to a split ring for an almost unnoticeable keychain size.

You can get this from this website (from europe) for about $13.50

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