Zebra Penpod

The PenPod is a collapsible keychain pen by Zebra. Extended the pen is 3 1/2'' long. When you want to close it you push the pen inside the cap collapsing it via a spring inside and then twist to secure it inside the cap. Once collapsed the pen is 3'' long.

The spring and twist mechanism seems to be solid. The pen has a small hole for a splitring in the cap. The cap does not fit the end of the pen so the idea is to leave the cap on your keychain when using it.

The length of the extended pen is fine to write for me and the ink runs well but there is a lot of subjective factors so you probably need to try it to judge. The pen is nice to hold and the best thing is that it is very easy to remove and put in the cap so it is very handy when you need something to write in a hurry. It doesn't add a lot of weight to your keychain either. The only drawback is that the difference between the collapsed and extended pen is not a lot and you still have to push and twist to store it, only for half an inch.

You can order the PenPod from JetPens.com for $3.50

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