Titanium Chain

Chains are very versatile tools for EDC, you can use a chain for carrying gadgets or items on your neck, you can use it to secure your wallet to your belt loop, you can use small chunks of chain to create better belt loops, you can use it as a keychain or to carry items inside your pockets that you can retrieve easily without risk of losing them and many many other uses.

These chains from Titaniumstyle.com are made of pure grade 1 commercial titanium, they are available from sizes 6-09 (1.8 mm) to size 6-14 (6.9 mm). From $69 to $119 respectively. In the middle you have four intermediate sizes. They can be ordered in lengths of 16'', 18'' or 20'' larger sizes can be ordered at an extra cost.

The chains feature a 100% titanium lobster clip and a small titanium ring at the other end where the lobster clip can be clipped to get the chain closed. The clips are quite small so they are probably not good to attach the chain to gadgets or a belt loop, they can be clipped to the chain itself to create a loop if you want.

Countycomm's $3 titanium screw links are probably a good idea to complement the Titanium chain and have some 100% ti attachment points if you plan to use it for something else than neck carry.

You can order this chains following this link.

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