LED Shake Flashlight

A shake-light is a flashlight that doesn't need batteries to work it is activated by a shaking mechanism that charges a capacitor inside the light, you shake it for some seconds and get light for several minutes, never needing batteries or any power source.

Shake lights have become popular as novelty items and toys. Unfortunately many of the shakelights being sold at retail stores are fakes, meaning that they are really powered by some coin cell batteries and the shaking mechanism do little or nothing.

This is one of the real shake-lights it uses a LED light and it is charged shaking the light making a magnet inside the light move back and forth charging a capacitor. After 2 minutes of shaking you can get light for about 30 minutes.

The body is water resistand and floats, the plastic is a good one but will probably be damaged if the light falls on a sharp rock or gets crushed.

The flashlight is not bright but shakelights are not characterized because of their bright beams the good thing about them is that they don't need batteries so they are a very good backup light and emergency light, you can keep some of them in different places and have a flashlight available (after some shakes) whenever you need it, the storage time is almost unlimited.

You can order this model for $10 following this link.

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