Nalgene 32oz bottle

In the world of water bottles, and there are many, Nalgene bottles have an outstanding reputation among the circle of backpackers and outdoors enthusiasts, in this review we will cover the 32oz wide mouth model, probably the most classic model, but there are many many variations so check which one is best for your needs.

The bottle when empty weights 4.5oz it is 7.87 x 3.62 inches in length and comes with a plastic cap with a small plastic loop and a ring around the bottle neck to prevent losing the cap.

Nalgene bottles are made of Lexan, a special plastic that is very neutral to odors and tastes, probably the best characteristic of the Nalgene bottle is that it won't get soap odor or taste after cleaning it and you can use it for juice and other flavoured drinks without leaving a permanent taste, it doesn't taste like plastic either. Lexan is a bullet proof material so the robustness of the bottle is near the unbelivable, it will resist falls, scratches, bumps and all kinds of abuses without breaking.

The bottle can be used to keep boiled water without the Lexan melting at all, the melting point is around the 300F or 154C for Lexan.

The wide mouth bottle is leak proof and of course hermetic so it can be filled very easily and that can be very important in a survival situation, it can also be used to store a survival kit or anything that needs to be protected from water and the environment. Bright colored wide mouth Nalgene bottles are an excellent choice for a survival kit doubling as a water container and kit container. The drawback of the wide mouth bottle is that drinking from it can be a bit messy so you can get a Splash Guard for $3.25 to keep the nice properties of the wide mouth without trouble when drinking.

You can check the very wide amount of models and colors at Nalgene's Website and you can order online from REI for about $8.50

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Paul said...

These are the best water bottles! Easy to add ice cubes and drink bases. Crushproof and will not leak. Carriers and other accessories available. Sleeves can be used to keep bottle cold/warm.

Clean in dishwasher or use bottle brush. Air dry. You can use water with a little bit of chlorine to kill odors, stains, and some bacteria.