Magnesium Firestarting tool

In a simple way to start a fire you need to make some tinder burn using sparks or a lighter and then you use the tinder to light up whatever you have for your fire usually dry leaves and wood.

The highlight of a magnesium fire starter is that it doesn't need tinder, using magnesium scraps instead. To use it you have to start shaving magnesium scraps from the magnesium bar, using a knive or a similar tool, once you have a small pile of shaves you use a flint on the side of the magnesium bar and strike it with the back of a knife or a similar object to create sparks, the sparks light up the magnesium shaves producing a very very hot flame that will be used to start the fire.

The small shaves produce a flame of 5400F and are very very combustible, the solid bar is instead fire proof so don't carry the shaves, they are dangerous, carry the whole bar and shave when you need.

This tool is very practical when you don't have tinder, the small shaves are very light and will be a problem with some wind you will then need to dig a small hole to protect the little shaves from the wind. The sparking flint can be problematic so a backup sparking device or the always serviceable lighter can be recommendable.

The bar commonly measures 3 in. x 11 in. x 1/2 in. and weighs under 2 oz. Can be carried in a keychain without problems and is weather proof if wet just let it dry and will be as usable as new.

You can get it from many camping or outdoors retailers and from different brands, we have tested 3 different brands and they were almost exactly the same, magnesium is magnesium after all. You can order online from EDC depot for $4.95.

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Anonymous said...

I have tested this product and it works really well. You can modify an old hacksaw blade (sharpening one edge, drilling a small hole to put on key chain) as a back-up if you forget your knife.