Brunton Glow Mate Compass

The Glow Mate is a small keychain by Brunton with GID (glow in the dark) material used as the base.

It is 1.75'' in diameter and weights less than 0.5oz so it is definitively suitable for a keychain, the attachment point is a small hole at the top that can be used for a split ring or to thread cord. It comes with a brass split ring which is a very nice detail since it is a non magnetic material.

The GID base after exposure to sunlight will glow bright for about 30 minutes to an hour and will be visible with a faint glow for many hours.

The compass has graduations every 5 degrees and numbers every 20 degrees, magnetic declination can't be adjusted.

In a small package the glow mate works very well and is a very nice compass for a keychain and it can be attached to backpacks or used as zipper pull.

You can read more and order from Bruton for $8.

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