Maglite Fiber Optic Adapter

This is a small accesory for AA or AAA Mini Maglite flashlights. It consists of 20 inches of flexible 3mm fiber optic cable and a flexible plastic cap for the flashlight bezel.

The cap is attached to the flashlight and the fiber optics transmits the light to the tip of the wand allowing you to reach difficult areas where a complete flashlight is not easy to handle. The wand is flexible so you can shape it to reach places that require some twists or turns. Flexibility is limited because the fiber optic is fragile.

Since the mini maglite is focusable changing the focus will change the amount of light that is conducted by the fiber optics and will allow variable brightness at the end of the tip.

You can read more information at niteize website and you can get it for $11 form Lighthound.

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