Streamlight Survivor LED

The Survivor is a right angle flashlight from streamlight designed as an emergency light for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers and as utility light for rescue personnel and firefighters. The LED version features a 3w luxeon led powered by four AA batteries.

The body is a strong polymer in a bright dark orange color (yellow also available) the plastic is resistant to impacts and abrassions, a 30feet drop test is ensured by the manufacturer it is also water proof via orings for sealing. At the back of the body the survivor has a plastic clip to attach the light to a strap, belt or other attachment points, it also has a loop in the clip for extra attachment and carrying options.

The switch is at the top and can be operated with gloves, it has 3 modes of operation: High beam, low beam and locator strobe. Just press the switch to change from off to high, then low and off. Press and hold from any mode for the locator strobe.

The flashlight has a very deep smooth reflector so it produces a lot of throw, the LED being able to reach very distant objects while keeping a very usable sidespill for close tasks. Without a doubt the light is designed to search for rescuers or to be found by hikers, smoke penetration and fog penetration is very good for a LED light, the incandescent version is as expected a little better in this aspects but without the reliability of the LED.

The runtime with four AA batteries is 3 hours in high mode and about 6 hours in low mode lithium batteries can't be used. Changing batteries and operatoin is very easy and can be done with gloves or in a moderate state of shock in case of emergencies. No need for special tools or small button or flaps to press or lift.

This is a very interesting right-angled light for hikers and for search and rescue people, designed to be very easy to use and to be visible from long distances with good runtime and 3 useful modes of operation.

You can read more from Streamlight's website. And you can order from for $111.

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