Inova X5

The Inova X5 is a flashlight with five 5mm leds in the bezel using 2 123 lithium cells for power (red version uses only 1 cell). There are many multi-LED flashlights in the market most of them are cheap aluminium lights using 2 or 3 AAA or AA cells, they are usually dim and unreliable, the X5 is what happens when the design is the same but the quality and the engineering is right.

The five LEDs in the X5 are contained in mini-recessed metal reflectors in the head of the light, the switch is a twist on/off with a rubber button for momentary on, commonly known as a lockout tactical switch. You can twist the tail until the light is on for constant operation or untwist a little and the light will turn off but will be activated by the rubber button if you keep untwisting the light is locked and can't be turned on this helps storing the light without the risk of running out of batteries.

The beam of the X5 is all flood, the light will quickly illuminate a room because of the very broad beam, because of this the X5 is great as a task light and for indoor operation or working but will not be good to illuminate distant objects outside since it has a very limited throw.

The X5 has a long runtime, about 20 hours so it can be used for many tasks where a long runtime is needed like camping. The LEDs can be either white, red, green or UV (see article on LED colors). The body is anodized aluminium either in black or gray finish, o-rings are used to make the light water resistant. If you are looking for a small flashlight with a reasonable price and a flood beam the X5 is an excellent option and you can get it in different colors, remember this is not a bright light but it will be a classic because of the broad beam, long runtime and strong construction.

You can read more information at Inova's website or order for $32 from

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andy said...

I have one with a blue LED. Did they discontinue that one?