Wenger Evo Grip S557

The new Evo Grip line from Wenger is a line of Swiss Army Knives (SAKs) multi-tools with rubberish scales for improved grip and usability. The S557 model is the one with more features there are other models with fewer tools than this one and the same grip system.

The tools include a very good philips screwdriver, a corkscrew, scissors with micro-serrated edges, a can opener, nail file, a locking blade, a cap lifter, awl, tweezers, wrench toothpick, pliers and the typical keyring.

The blade has a locking feature activated with a lever release, that looks to be good. The corkscrew is probably not very useful but it can be used to attach a victorinox mini screwdriver (The Wenger does not include one). The wrench is a very nice tool that will fit nuts up to 5/16", this is not common in SAKs and can be useful. The awl does not have a thread hole so it can't be used to thread cord.

The S557 is a very complete multi-tool with a very nice locking blade, excellent scissors and pliers and the nice touch of the wrench complemented by many other tools. The Evo Grip system feels very well and will provide a very good grip to use the tools. With a quality that can certainly match Victorinox and the special details this tool has it is a very interesting option for your EDC SAK.

You can read more and order for about $60 from this site.

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