Atwood's Area 51 Keyton

They Keyton is a small keychain tool inspired in the classic rock climber's "piton".

The keyton is basically a prytool, you can use it to pry things, scrap, sepparate, mix etc. While it seems that a prytool is only useful in very special ocassions the prybaby has demonstrated that it will be a very useful tool in many ocassions. You will be surprised by the number of times that pulling a solid piece of steel from your pocket or keychain is a good idea.

The keyton has two screwdrivers bevels in the handle end that might become handy if you need a screwdriver in a hurry. The tool is made of 1/8'' thick S30V steel, extremely solid and resistant. It weights just 0.8oz and is almost 3 inches long.

You can order for $45 from Peter Atwood's website.

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