Guyot Designs Gription

The Gription is a replacement lid for a wide-mouth Nalgene Bottle. You unscrew the nalgene cap and screw the Gription and you have some features that were not present in your original bottle.

The Gription has an orange button that you can press to open the valve and take sips from your bottle, if you press ligthly the valve will open just a little for a small sip if you press more you will be able to get a good gulp of water.

In either open or closed position you can lock the valve sliding the silver lock mechanism, this will let you keep the bottle closed for storage in a leak proof way or opened permanently when you are in constant need of its contents.

The Gription has a very large handle that can be used to hold the bottle when drinking and can also be used to clip the bottle to a pocket, backpack or something similar, the handle is long and strong enough to support the weight of the full bottle and the shape makes it specially useful for this dual purpose.

Between the lid and the handle you can find a large plastic hole that can be used to attach the bottle to a backpack or a belt loop using a carabiner or something similar.

Without doubts the Gription is a must-have companion for your Nalgene Bottle turning a nice water storage bottle into a very nice hydration system.

You can order and read more from Guyot's designs website.The retail price is around $12.95

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