Strider PT

The Strider PT is the smallest folding knife in the Strider family. Regarded by many knife experts as the Ferraris of knives Striders are with or without fanatism among the best knife manufacturing companies and deserve their position.

The PT is a 3 ¼” blade with a Titanium frame and checkered G10 scales, the blade is S30v stainless steel with Strider's trademarked special coating featuring the tiger stripes.

The lock is a framelock and is probably one of the best framelocks ever built the integral locking tab has the cutout on the outside rather than on the inside so that the stress against the lock is transmitted straight thru the tab without the cutout becoming a point for the lock to bend out of engagement with the back of the blade.

The G10 scales offer a very nice grip not slippery at all without being rough on your hands, if you ask me it is more on the rough side than the slippery side and that works for me. The thumbstuds are well placed and proportional for a confortable opening and closing action. The pocket clip is strong and long enough for pocket carry or straps.

From the factory the PT is very sharp, the edge holds very well to most normal cutting jobs and it is very easy to sharpen when it gets dull.

The PT is as strong as a knife can be with a titanium frame and an S30V blade it is probably indestructible, the lock is completely reliable and without a doubt you can use this little knife for very serious cutting. The knife is indeed expensive but considering the building process that has a lot of custom hand made parts and the final quality we can ensure you are paying from what you get. It is up to a matter of taste about the design if this is the ultimate pocket folder for you or not.

You can order for $300 from TAD Gear.

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