Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pack

This is a pocket survival pack designed by Doug Ritter from Equipped to Survive and distributed by Adventure Medical Kits.

The kit includes a spark-lite fire starter and 4 spark-lite tinder-quick as a quick all-weather fire starting device.
As an alternate fire-starting device you have a fresnel lens magnifier.

For signaling you have a Fox40 micro whistle in yellow and a good quality signal mirror.

For repairs you have duct tape in 22'' x 2'', 6 feet of stainless steel utility wire, 10 feet of braided nylon cord, 50 feet of black nylon thread, a heavy duty sewing needle and 4 safety pins.

There is a 3sq feet piece of aluminium foil useful to get water or for cooking, a small compass, pencil and waterproof paper, a small scalpel blade, and a fishing kit. Everything inside a water resistant vynil pouch.

The elements included in the kit are high quality and there will be many coincidences in a kit that a survival expert would build for himself in case of need. Nothing in the kit has an expiration date and everything is water proof. While the elements are excellent the kit is a general purpose kit and might be a little incomplete for either a urban or outdoors mini kit. It is certainly a great way to start a personal kit adding the elements you need for your specific scenarios.

As any personal kit it is designed to be carried with you probably in a cargo pocket, so if you lose your backpack, your bags or averything you still have the kit with you. That explains the small size.

You can read more about this kit in ETS webpage. You can choose from a list of retailers to order it one of them being EDC depot for $25.

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