Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack

The Fatboy is a pack to use for your everyday needs. It is bigger than a waistpack and smaller than most backpacks. It can be used either as a waistpack (not recommended) removing the shoulder strap or in badolier style with the padded shoulder pad.

The main compartment is accessed opening an adjustable buckle that also has a d-ring. Once the flap is opened you have access to the main compartment and to two smaller compartments in front of the big one, one of them closed with a zipper. The unzippered compartment is good for things that you want to access quickly while being protected or hidden under the main flap, the zippered compartment with a pocket inside is great for small loose items.

The main compartment is protected by a protective hoodie that can be depolyed in case of severe rain or just left opened otherwise, there are mesh pockets on both sides of the main compartment. Inside the main compartment you can fit things as big as some reflex cameras with their accesories this should give you a good idea of the size.

Behind the main compartment there is a strap that can be used to attach the Fatboy to your belt for extra security or as an additional support point if the pack is heavy. There is padding to make the pack confortable against your waist.

With the main flap closed you have access to a zippered pocket in the flap useful for small flat items and a big zippered compartment that is behind the main one, here you can put big flat objects maybe envelopes, a wallet, paper, etc.

On the sides of the main compartment there are two pouches. One of the pouches is a zippered pouch with straps for external attachment, inside this pouch you can fit multi-tools, flashlights and many other items. The other pouch is a velcro closure pouch that seems to be specially created for flashlights, most of them will fit here. On the sides of this pouch there are pen slots for pens with pocket clips.

The ends where the shoulder straps are attached have some surprises too, one of them has another pouch the smaller of the three with a buckle closure that is good for cell-phones or items you need to keep very accesible. An MP3 player, is a good idea since it is easy to reach your head with the headphones from the shoulder band pouch.

On the other side there is a carabiner in the same style of the maxpedition keyper that can be used to hang a keychain or other objects, below the clip you have more straps for attachment of extra pouches.

Constructed in excellent nylon with double stitching and lot of reinforcement points the Fatboy is an excellent day pack with many pockets, pouches and the verstaility to be expanded if needed. It is certainly a very recommendable pack for your daily stuff.

The Fatboy is available in black, tan, olive and camo versions. You can read more at Maxpedition's website and You can order from Lighthound for $59.


Paul said...

you may have overlooked an intentional specialty pocket built into this pack. It has a compartment behind the main one that is velcro lined and will take a velcro pistol holster . This turns the Versipack into a great Colcealed Carry pack.

viridari said...

I have posted a dump of my Fatboy on my blog so you can see how much stuff this bag will hold (quite a lot!). I've been carrying mine for several months now every day and give it an enthusiastic thumbs up!