Nite-Ize Figure 9

This new product from nite-ize is a rope-tightener and tension tool. It can be used whenever you need to keep rope tigh as for example to close a car trunk, carry something above the car roof, tie boxes together for transportation, camping, boating and other scenarios. It is also suitable for improvised lanyards.

The tool is made of aluminium offering different ways to thread the rope with a dented opening to keep the rope tight. The instructions to thread the rope around the figure 9 are engraved in the tool itself so you don't have to remember anything to use it just loop the cord around the figure 9 and keep it tight.

The tool works up to 50lbs of tension so it is not suitable for rescuing or climbing applications just a tool for general use involving ropes. It works great with paracord and can also be used with utility rope.

You can get it in two sizes, small or big in different presentations with some included rope or not. A single figure 9 retails for $2.50 the small one and $4.50 for the big one. A pack of four small ones with rope costs $9.50 and a pack of 2 large ones with rope $7.50. You can read more in the product webpage or order from

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