Civilian Lab Bottle Mini Holster

This bottle holder from Civilian Labs features a stainless steel bottle holder buckled to a clip. It can be used to carry water bottles hanging from a backpack, a belt, a waistpack or other options.

The metal snap adapts to the neck of common water or soda bottles and the clip attaches to your belt or pack to use it you unbuckle the plastic buckle so the clip stays clipped to the belt or backpack while the metal snap stays clipped to the bottle.

The advantage over other common rubber ring based holders is that the metal snap won't get brittle or break with use and that you don't need to remove and reinsert the bottle in the holster every time you need to drink. The plastic buckle is fast enough to get the bottle whenever you want.

Our field test showed that either hanging from a belt loop or a backpack a bottle of water is at no risk of falling and the buckle makes it very easy to get the bottle, sip some water and put it again in the holster.

The construction is very solid, the metal snap will resist a lot of use, the plastic clip is probably not the best clip for attachment but has not demonstrated any problems during my tests. The wire gate may get out if you try to clip it to some tight straps but it is easy to put it back on. Once clipped it stays well in place.

You can read more at Civilian Lab's website or order for $7 from TAD Gear.

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