Atlasnova Green Laser Pointer

This is a green laser pointer by Atlasnova, it's a class IIIa 5mW pointer legal to most countries laser regulations.

The laser uses two AAA batteries, and produces green light at 532nm in the light spectrum. Since green is the color that the eyes see better it is a very very bright pointer and will be a huge difference with the red pointers in the same power range.

This pointer can be used for sky-pointing in astronomy, it can also be used to point at distant objects, for signaling when hiking or doing outdoors activities and several other uses. It is probably too bright for presentations unless you are giving a night presentation with a giant screen.

As with any laser even at 5mw you should not point the laser to other people and avoid direct contact with the eyes, remember that pointing to aircrafts or helicopters is not legal in many countries so don't do it.

You can get it for $69 and read more in Atlasnova's website.

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