Fenix P1DCE

The P1DCE is a multi-level Cree LED flashlight from Fenix using a single C123 lithium battery.

Using a Cree XR-E LED this little flashlight can produce a lot of light, it has 3 levels reaching up to 120 lumen in the brightest mode, comparable and usually brighter than many other bigger lights using 2 or 3 cells with luxeon leds.

Since the switch is a simple twisty you need to twist and untwist the head to swith modes, by twisting and untwisting in less than 1.5 seconds you change modes, if the light stays on for more than 1.5 seconds the next twist-untwist will revert to primary mode. The modes are primary (medium brightness), then high (max brightness) then low mode, strobe, SOS. The sequence may or may not be right to your needs but can't be changed. Starting in primary mode is a good compromise between those that want the flashlight to start at maximum or minimum brightness.

The body is constructed in HA-III anodized aluminium resistant to impacts and scratches, o-rings are used to make the light water-resistant and dunkable, the lens is coated with an anti-reflective material and it's made of glass. The tail features a small hole for a wrist lanyard or a split ring so you can carry this light in several ways. It is very small so keychain carry is possible.

The runtime goes from 1 hour in maximum brightness to 21 hours in minimum brightness and the output is regulated so the light won't get dimmer as the battery is depleted. You can use a rechargeable battery in this flashlight if you want. With a rechargeable C123 the light will be even a little brighter.

Being as small as it is the P1DCE is an outstanding pocket rocket and the multiple levels of brightness offer the choice between a long runtime or an amazing blast of light.

You can get it in Natural or Black finish for $70 from Fenix-Store.

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