WindStorm Whistle

The WindStorm whistle is an all-weather strong survival whistle. It is manufactured following acoustic principles to make it very loud and it can even work under water.

This whistle provides aproximately 120db of sound, it can be heard from about half a mile on the surface and it can also be heard from about 50 feet under water.

The shape of the whistle is a little odd and it may be slightly big for a keychain but they are confortable enough to wear in a neck lanyard.

Having a whistle that can perform in all weather conditions including under water and be heard from long distances is an important feature in any survival or safety kit, the whistle can be used to get attention with a small blowing effort so it is also suitable for children or senior citizens.

The WindStorm featured here is a more compact and sleek version of the Storm Whistle which in turn is slightly louder and bigger.

You can read about the acoustic principles behind the whistle and get more information from the official website. If you want to order it Brigade Quartermasters has them for $6.

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Fidels Eyeglasses said...

I carry this on my key chain, this is the second loudest whistle in the world... period!
The first loudest is it's big brother the "Storm".
The wind storm is better for EDC as it's a smaller size.
Careful... you can blow yours ears out with this.
$7.00 free shipping no tax from several Ebay sellers, which is where I bought mine.
Getting ready to buy a 2nd.

I really enjoy this EDC Reviews blog.
Thanks for your time and effort.