Spy Capsule Hook

The hook spy capsule is a mix between a mini carabiner and a spy capsule; since the clip is integrated in the capsule attaching the capsule to different items is very easy without even needing a split ring.

The hook is slightly shorter than the regular spy capsules and it is as wide as the small ones, the large spy capsules are about 14mm wide (0.55in) while the hook is 11mm wide (0.43 in), the same as the shorter capsules. This is important if you plan to use it for pills since crushing pills to make them fit is not a good thing. Oval pills will be fine, round pills might have a problem.

Built in aluminium the hook capsule has an o-ring to make it waterproof the overall length is 3 inches and the compartment is about half the size of the capsule (1.5 in).

The clip looks solid and makes attachment to belt loops, backpcks or keychains a very easy task, this capsule is probably ideal to keep quick access things outside a backpack like some cash, matches, toothpicks, tweezers, pills (check diameter), salt, sugar etc. You can clip the hook outside the backpack or use it as a zipper pull with the advantage of having a quick acces water proof storage for small items.

The hook capsule retails for $4.50 and you can get it at EDCdepot, only available in black at the time of this review.

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