VIctorinox Swiss Card Lite

Multi-tools shaped like a credit card are good to carry inside wallets, pockets and pouches.

This card has a small blade, scissors, a ballpoint pen, a pin, tweezers, a red led light, magnifying glass, a small ruler and 4 different screwdrivers.

The scissors are very good and the flat mini screwdriver with 4 different ends is great and has good torque for such a small size. The blade is soft and should not be used for intensive jobs.

In my opinion this tool is only missing a toothpick to have a very complete set of tools, you can replace the tweezers for a toothpick if you want buying a Victorinoz toothpick replacement. An excellent set of tools in a very small package.

The swiss card lite retails for about $20, you can find more information in Victorinox's web site.

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