Surefire E1L Outdoorsman

This little flashlight is a great EDC light, it is a luxeon 3watt LED light powered by a single 123A lithium battery. The output is about 30 lumen and the runtime is 4 hours. The switch is a tailcap clickie switch.

The light is part of the Surefire E-series that offers body, switch and head compatibility, so here you get a Z57 tailcap switch, an E-Series 1 cell body and a KL1 head. Buying an E-series 2 cell body you automatically have an E2L flashlight and there are many many possible configurations.

The KL1 head uses a special TIR optics system to narrowly focus the beam, at short distance the beam projection is actually a square!. This kind of beam throws for long distances with just a little spill on the sides so while small you can light up objects that are far away. The KL1 accepts rechargeable batteries without any dangers, you can use a R123 battery and the light will be slightly brighter.

Being a Surefire the finish is excellent in HA-III aluminium, very resistant to scratches and impacts, it is also waterproof with o-rings to seal the light properly. This little marvel retails for about $100, you can find more information from Surefire Official website and one good dealer to get it is OpticsHQ.

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