Rick Hinderer's Titanium Kubaton Pen

Rick Hinderer is a very well known artist that makes beautiful knives and other objects. One of his greatest products is the modular kubaton, made of Titanium the kubaton is basically a hollow body where you can attach different end caps.

One of the end caps that can be added is a pen cap, this makes the kubaton an everyday Titanium pen. The pen accesory uses a fisher space pen universal refill (not the ones for bullet pens) and comes with a threaded cap and a threaded end to screw the cap when you are using the pen.

There are two ways to purchase this; one is to buy the body ($40), and then the pen accesory ($175) for a total of $215 or you can buy a deluxe set for $295 that will include a pocket clip, the body, the pen and two optional end caps from your choice inside a pelican 1010 case. This can appear to be expensive but is the price to pay to get a top quality custom made titanium pen that can also be used as a kubaton and that is modular and can be combined with different ends and accesories.

Rick makes this kubatons and pens in different finishes, the one in the picture is the "strider" finish but there are more. To purchase or browse different models you can visit Rick Hinderer's website.

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