Victorinox OH Trekker

The "Trekker" is one of the multi-tools created by Victorinox for outdoor enthusiasts, this line has a bigger and better blade than the popular swiss champ and similar models.

The most important tool in the trekker is a one-handed locking 3.5 inches blade. The lock is a liner lock and works fine. This blade is a lot better than the smaller blades in other SAKs but is probably not as good as the blade in a good quality folding knife.

The rest of the tools are a bottle opener with large locking screwdriver & wire stripper, can opener with small screwdriver,
phillips screwdriver, key ring, toothpick,tweezers ,reamer and wood saw. The tools are good quality and combine to be a good combo outdoors.

Being larger than the other SAKs the Trekker is probably missing a pocket clip to keep the knife securely attached to a pocket, it is probably too heavy to be inside the pocket or hanging from a keychain or a belt loop so amazingly there seems to be no good solution to carry it besides using a sheath. An horizontal sheath would probably be ideal since the knife is large to be carried in vertical position.

You can read more and order for $47 from Victorinox's website. Other dealers may have special prices so you can do some research.

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