PQI Intelligent Stick

The PQI Intelligent Stick is a very small thumbdrive just 43 x 18 x 2.8 mm (1.69 x 0.71 x 0.11 in) and weighting 2.8gr 0.01lb the PQI is almost weightless and invisible.

The thumbdrive plugs into any USB port offering from 32Mb to 2Gb of storage, some of the models have a small tab for write protection in the back and others don't.

The transfer rate is very good, the drive has no pre-installed software and is not a U3 drive so what you see is what you get a small device for storage of your data.

The PQI comes with a small credit-card plastic case that can hold 2 PQIs in case you want to carry them in your wallet. They are small enough to be in danger of getting lost but the case makes them lose the charm of the size. They are probably better without the case, hidding in a small pocket or a flap of your wallet. There is no attachment point for a lanyard or a splitring.

You can get a 2Gb version for about $36 which is an excellent price from Newegg.com, you can read more about the drive and check the different versions available at PQI's website. You can also check a list of retailers here.

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