Leatherman Juice XE6

The leatherman Juice is a multi-tool that is smaller than the Charge, Wave and other big tools but larger than the Micra, Squirt and other keychain tools; a middle-sized multi-tool. The XE6 is the most complete model in this line.

When opened the tool is a needle nose set of pliers, with wire cutters and hard-wire cutters. Without the need of opening the tool you can access the external tools from the handles: large, medium and small screwdriver. Extra small screwdriver. Phillips Screwdriver, lanyard attachment, can and bottle opener, corkscrew with assist, scissors, saw, awl, diamond file, a serrated knife and a plain blade.

All the tools are non locking and very good in quality, the scissors and the can opener are particularly good. The can opener can be used to open boxes and other minor cutting jobs. The awl is useful whenever you neeed a pointy object.

The corkscrew might be useless but can be used to attach a small eyeglass screwdriver accesory from Victorinox (idea).

Made of stainless steel with anodized aluminium scales de XE6 is 3.2 inches long when closed (8.25cm) and weights 6.8 ounces (190 grams). The size of this tool makes it good for either pocket carry or a sheath, it is a very useful tool in a very convenient size.

You can check the product page for more information. It is available in purple and gray for $72 from LightHound.

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