Victorinox Mini Champ

The Mini Champ is the most complete keychain sized mini SAK from Victorinox. It is just a 58mm length multitool featuring 16 different tools in a very small presentation.

It has 2 different blades, scissors, nail file with nail cleaner, cuticle pusher, screwdriver with ruler, an exotic orange peeler with scraper, cap filter with a magnetic philips screwdriver, wire stripper, pressurized ballpoint pen and either tweezers or a toothpick (it cames with both but you have to choose one for the slot).

Having two blades is good to keep one razor sharp in case of special needs while using the other for general cutting jobs. Compared to other SAKS these blades are smaller. Besides the orange peeler that is often used for anything but peeling oranges all the tools are good for their purpose and won't show signs of wear after a lot of normal daily use.

A very good mini SAK packed of features not all of them will be used every day but the size is so small than it won't be a problem having the extra tools. If you intensively plan to use a blade you probably need another multi tool.

The Mini Champ can be bought for about $30 to $40, check Froogle's links. If you want to read more about it you can visit Victorinox's webpage.

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