Belomo 10x triplet loupe

This small magnifier is a 10x 3 element loupe, commonly used in hobbies, geology and jewelry. They are made in Belarus and are a lot better than the similar jewelry loupes you can get from other brands.

The 10x of course means you get things 10 times bigger when you see them under the loupe, you may think that more power can be better but often in 20x or 30x loupes you can only magnify a very small area and you get a blurry image that shakes a lot so all the details are lost, 10x is usually more than enough for regular jobs.

The lens has 21mm of diameter, 19mm of viewable area which is often twice the area that other pocket loupes offer. The focal distance is 28mm. In case of need the loupe can be disassembled for cleaning.

This very nice pocket loupe can be ordered from $15 to $25 from and they also sell a specialized lanyard to carry the loupe on your neck.

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BigBill said...

Purchased a BELomo 10x loupe and I was extremely impressed by its quality and value. In fact, I was so impressed that I gave away three loupes to my friends in the jewelry and coin business. For the money you cannot go wrong.