Tool Logic's Tool Lite II

The Tool-Lite II is the most complete credit card sized multitool from ToolLogic. It features 9 different tools taking the same space as a couple of credit cards so you can carry it in your wallet or other places where you can only put flat items.

It has a 2'' serrated blade that is a lot better than the blades found in other small multi tools, this one can be used for several cutting and chopping jobs without problems. Then we have a mini red LED light, a good pair of scissors, an eyeglass screwdriver, nail file, a staple puller, plastic tweezers and plastic toothpick.

The tweezers and toothpick made of plastic are probably sub-par but all the other tools are good quality and very useful.

Offering many useful tools in a very compact presentation the Tool Lite II is a very useful multi tool. You can read more about it or order it for about $30 from ToolLogic's website.

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