AMK Heat Sheet Two Person Survival Blanket

This is a survival blanket made of mylar with a reflective surface to minimize heat loss, they are commonly known as "space blankets" since NASA was the company behind the development of reflective mylar many years ago.

This blanket is 60in (1.52 mt) by 96in (2.24 mt), it can be used in several ways either as a blanket to keep you warm, as an emergency sleeping bag, to provide shelter, as insulation for a tent and for signaling. The blanket is bright orange in one side and reflective silver in the other side, the silver side can reflect up to 90% of your body heat back to you. You must be aware that this is an emergency blanket so it is just a thin layer of mylar and will not work as a real heavy blanket for your tent.

One of the most interesting features of the blanket is that it has survival instructions printed including basic survival principles, first aid tips, instructions to get water, make a fire, to build a shelter and to signal for attention. The instructions are easy to read and clear and while they are basic they can certainly a good help in an emergency.

The blanket comes in a plastic case about 4x3 inches and weights just 3oz, it can be included in a backpack or kit without taking a lot of space or weight. It is large enough for one or two persons and has enough resistance for normal use but will not survive a pointy or sharp object such as a tree seed or a sharp branch. The fact that it can be used either to keep you warm or to create a shelter makes it a useful piece of gear for many environments. It is very easy to unfold but when folding you need to make sure you push all the air out or it won't fit the original package, with some care we could fold it back pushing it against a flat surface to expell the air inside in each fold.

An important piece of gear that can have a big role in an emergency. You can get it for $5.50 at EDCdepot.

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