Suunto Clipper Compass

The clipper is a very small button sized compass from Suunto. It features a liquid filled compass with the cardinal points Marked, the "N',"E","S" and "W" marks are coated in luminiscent material so after exposure to daylight they will glow in the dark.

The compass has a rotating bezel with marks every 10 degrees and numbers every 30 degrees, you can use this rotating bezel to know the aproximate direction you are traveling and to perform basic navigation tasks with a map.

On the back of the clipper you have a plastic clip that can be used to attach the compass to a watchband, backpack strap, belt, keyring or other objects. The clip has a small dent to prevent accidentally losing the compass; once clipped you need to lift the plastic tab up to remove it, pulling won't be enough.

The clipper is quite accurate and for its size it offers excellent results. Certainly one of the best button sized compasses you can get.

You can order it from about $10 from different sizes, check froogle's links. And you can read more information from Suunto's official website.

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