Leatherman Charge Ti

The charge Ti is one of the most complete multi-tools from Leatherman. It is made of stainless steel with Titanium handles and bronze bushings. LM also offers an XTi version that is identical but has a second large bit driver and no scissors so choose the one that is better for your needs. The Leatherman Wave has the same tools but is not made with Titanium, the charge can be seen as a better built and more expensive wave.

Without being fully opened the Charge offers quick access to a 154cm steel point blade, serrated blade, saw and wood/metal file (diamond coated on one side). Opening the tool you get access to the pliers and wire cutters. The pliers end in a narrow way so can be also used as needle nose pliers. Then you have a plain edge screwdriver, scissors, small bit driver, large bit driver, can opener, bottle opener and wire stripper.

The tool includes 8 bits for the large bit driver, a pocket clip and a quick release ring. The pocket clip and quick release ring are mutually exclusive, you have to choose one or the other or none of them but you can't use both. Every single tool in the Charge locks that adds a lot of security to the tools, unlocking is easy and can't be done accidentally. A nylon or leather sheath is include to carry the tool and the bit drivers. The sheath is particularly excellent, you can carry the tool, the bit drivers and there will be some extra space for a small pen or flashligh on the side, it is a very nice sheath and very functional.

The only drawback in my opinion of this fantastic multi-tool is that the scissors are not ready to use without opening the tool and furthermore the way the scissors are deployed is not fast enough for inmediate use. Since scissors are one of the things you may need very frequently I would have preferred a quicker access to them on the plus side they cut great all sort of materials.

As an additional accesory you can buy a bit kit including a set of 21 double ended bits for the large driver and one for the small bit driver.

Being constructed with Titanium Handles the charge is not a heavy tool yet fully packed of excellent tools that can be professionally used. It is certainly the best multi tool that Leatherman offers and a fantastic help for all kind of users.
The retail price is about $100 and you can read more in the Charge Official Website.

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Brenda said...

The Leatherman Charge TTi is the ultimate multitool. A great tool to own.