Sun Company 7 in 1 Survival Tool

This is a 7 in 1 survival tool by Sun Company. Tool #1 is a whistle, the pealess design is fine for bad weather and can be used in rain conditions, the whistle is quite loud, not as loud as a Fox40 but requires less force to be blown so it's good for children, elderly or people that have suffered an accident and need to call attention. Certainly good enough to call for help in case of need.

Tool #2 is a thermometer with both Celsius and Farenheit scales, it works fine. On the side of the tool opposite the thermometer you can also find tool #3 a spark striker, just strike it with a metallic object to produce sparks, this doesn't work nearly as well as a specialized fire starting device but it is quite acceptable in emergencies but I wouldn't recommend it as your primary fire starting device.

The external cap features tools #4 and #5, a compass and a signaling mirror. The liquid-filled compass works fine and has luminous material so it can be read in the dark after exposure to daylight, the signaling mirror is very small and doesn't have a hole in the middle to aim so it is probably barely usable for serious siganling purposes. Behind the first cap there is a second cap with tool #6 a 3x maginifier that can be used to start a fire using sunlight, it works very well. Between the compass cap and the magnifier cap you can store a small pill or tablet, either medicine or something else like a water purifying tablet, it is a nice thing to have this mini compartment available.

The last tool is the storage chamber itself, a sealed compartment protected by o-rings where you can store different items, compared to other survival capsules this one is slightly wider and that is a bless to store several items that are very hard to store in smaller capsules. On the side there is a plastic attachment point for a lanyard, a small piece of cord is supplied with the tool.

The plastic construction is not as solid as aluminium but is light and the plastic is strong enough to resist impacts and daily usage. The different tools work well and the storage chamber is particularly good, considering you already have a compass, whistle, magnifier and fire starter you can put several things in the chamber and have quite a complete survival kit packed in a small useful tool.

You can read more from Sun's Company website and you can order for $6.99 from EDCDepot.

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