Flash Caps

This is a multiple-use item. They are basically end caps for Maglite or Streamlight D cell flashlights, you can just unscrew your D-Maglite end cap and screw in this cap to have a luminous end in your flashlight. They use four C2032 coin cell batteries so no power will be drained from the flashlight, spring is not provided so you need to use the spring from your flashlight.

The second way to use this caps is to attach it using a magnet base (included) to any metallic object. Installing some color lights on the roof of your car can be illegal so check your local regulations, yellow is usually legal in most countries.

The caps provide both light to the front and in 360 degrees using several LEDs strategically distributed in the body of the light so they can be used as a flashlight or as an ambient light as well.

The magnet has a hole for a standard tripod hole so the third way to use it is to attach the light to a tripod and use it either as a marker or to provide light in a room.

Some retailers claim these caps to be produced by the same company that produces gloo-toobs but I couldn't find any information in the Gloo Toob official site so I'm not sure about the source.

The caps have two modes: constant on and beacon they are activated and changed using a rubber clickie switch in the middle of the cap. If you want one for your car, one for your flashlight and one for your tripod you will have to buy 3 :-). They are available in amber, blue, red, green and white at $32. You can get them from lighthound.

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