Petzl Zipka Plus

Among many headlamps the Zipka+ is probably one of the few that can be carried with your edc kit. The simple explanation for this is that the zipka is the only headlamp without bands it has a retractable kevlar cord instead so when the cable is retracted the headlamp takes almost no space from your kit.

The Zipka+ has 4 leds powered by 3 AAA batteries, it has 3 brightness modes and one blinking mode, you switch modes pressing the only button it has, starting in the brightest setting. Runtime goes from 100 hours in maximum brightness to 150 hours in the lowest setting.

The retractable kevlar cable is useful to attach the Zipka not only to your head but to other objects such as backpacks, poles, tents etc. Just make sure your hair is not in the middle when the cable retracts ;-). This little useful headlamp costs about $35 and you can read more information in Petzl's website.

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