Spyderco LadyBug

The Ladybug is one of the two keychain knives produced by Spyderco; the other one is the Jester, which is similar.

This little knife is 2 and half inches long when closed (64mm) and 4 5/16 when opened (110mm), they are usually smaller than the palm of your hand when opened if a visual reference helps better than the measurements.

The blade made of AUS-6 steel can feature either a plain edge or a spyderedge as in the picture. The lock is a lock-back mechanism located in the middle of the handle. It is easy to open, unlock and close the knife with one hand thanks to the location of the lock and the spyderhole in the knife's blade.

The fiberglass reinforced nylon handle is covered by volcano-grip which helps avoid slippery accidents.

Due to its size the ladybug can be carried in a keychain without being bulky, it can go in a coin pocket, a zipper pull, the bottom of a bag, pocket or purse it will be almost unnoticeable. The knife cuts really well, it can cut rope, cardboard, plastic and other every day materials without any complications, it is useful, safe and very practical. A scaled version of a serious folder that is really good for a keychain or a neck lanyard.

The Ladybug costs about $30 you can read more in Spyderco's website or order one from REI or other dealers; they are quite popular.

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