McFeely's Pocket Wrench II

The Pocket wrench II is a very small tool that can adjust nuts and bolts of different sizes the tool can also be used as a screwdriver, cap lifter, ruler and some other uses that depend on the imagination of the owner. The tool is only 4" long, 1" wide.

The main feature of the pocket wrench is the wrench tool that using a micro serrated edge can handle hex nuts from 3/16" to 11/16". The bodie’s 1/4" hex opening accepts any 1/4" hex power bit, so you can easily drive virtually any style screw. There is also a ruler that can measure up to 5cm or 2 inches useful for measuring screws and bolts if you need replacements.

The pocket wrench is made of 420 steel and is a very strong tool, it can go in a keychain unnoticed and be used to adjust hex nuts as long as they fit and about 90% of the hex nuts you may need to adjust will fit unless you are repairing the Golden Gate Bridge. For prepared individuals, craftmen or as a backup tool the Pocket Wrench is certainly great, it will fit your keychain without a problem and will be ready to be used in many situations.

They can be ordered for $10 from McFeely's website.

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