Atwood's Tactical Whistle

This is a tactical whistle hand made by Peter Atwood it is very sleek, durable and loud.

The whistles are made from a solid bar of 330 stainless steel they have a splitring hole for attachment they are 2.5" long so they can be carried in a keychain or around your neck without being a bulky item.

The sound produced by these whistles is very loud and has a particular strong pitch so they are easy to recognize in noisy scenarios like sport events, concerts or school events. They can be used both in outdoors or urban environments to attract attention, call a group of people (kids) previously familizarized with the whistle sound, signal in case of emergencies, etc.

They are not as loud as a Storm Whistle or a Fox40 but they are comparable to a Fox40 mini and the particular pitch makes the noise stand out.

The construction is virtually indestructible and they will not have any problem with weather events, I don't know tests but I suspect the stainless steel construction might be unsuitable for boating due to corrosion.

The whistles can be obtained for $35 from Peter Atwood's website and you can also read more about them there.

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