Cyalume Chemical Glow Sticks

Chemical glow stickies are used in several situations, from parties where they are fun to serious signaling in the army or rescue operations.

All of them work snapping a plastic tube which makes a small vial of very thin glass break inside releasing a chemical to make contact with the surrounding media, this creates a chemical reaction that produces light for some time and then just fades away becoming unusable.

There are different sizesof glow sticks, the mini glow sticks that are about 2 inches long (5cm aprox) are great for EDC kits can be used to mark milestones if you go hiking to attract attention if you are on a bike, in case of emergencies etc. They come in different colors: red, white, orange, green, blue, purple, hot pink, aqua. The runtime depends on the color and the size of the stick, the green ones are usually the ones that last longer reaching up to 12 hours of usable brightness. Please note that there are many combinations of sizes, colors and runtime, ranging from 12 hour stickies in red to 5 minutes ultra bright stickies in orange etc.

It is important to know that you should keep the stickies in their envelopes protected from light and safe of impacts to avoid breaking the small vial inside them.

A pack of 50 mini stickies can be ordered for $10 including 7 or 8 different colors. You can check all the available versions and order from ExtremeGlow.

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