Osram Dragon Lantern

When the lights go out in a blackout or when daylight is not enough to see in the outdoors you need a compact, reliable and durable light that can provide ambient light to your activities. This is when a lantern is what you need.

The Osram Dragon Lantern uses 4 AA batteries and can use either alkaline, rechargeable NiMH or Lihium AA batteries. It has 2 modes of operation providing 100% brightness or 25% brightness, you switch modes pushing the on/off button (max,min,off).

In the 25% mode the lantern LED can go for about 100 hours of runtime, about 20 to 25 hours in maximum mode. The domed lens provides the same amount of light in every direction and one lantern is enough for a tent or a small room yet they are extremely small, about the size of 2 D batteries stacked up.

The lantern has 4 small foldable feet in the base for extra stability in case you are using the lantern in a non-flat surface, in a normal table or on the floor you don't need them. There is a handle at the top to hang the lantern from a backpack, a pole or some attachment point.

They can be get for about $38 from LightHound.

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