Huntlight FT-02X

The FT-02X is a versatile 3 watt luxeon led flashlight from Huntlight. It comes with 2 bodies, one for a single C123A lithium cell and a second body for 2xAA batteries.

The leds are either T or U bin leds so they are very bright and the beam is shaped to have a strong hotspot and that makes the flashlight able to light up distant objects quite well. It's not completely focused so you have plenty of useful sidespill as well.

With the C123 battery you get aproximately 120 minutes of light, the first 100 minutes of constant bright light and the last 20 minutes will be dimmer. The light is very compact and pocketable in this configuration. With the 2xAA tube you get up to 175 minutes of light, 150 of flat regulated max brightness the flashlight will be bigger in this configuration but still small enough to fit a pocket.

The bodies are made of HA-III aluminium, extremely strong and able to resist all kind of hits and scratches, o-rings make the light waterproof but probably not suitable for diving. The switch is a reverse clickie located in the tailcap. There is a strong and long pocket clip to carry the light bezel up.

A compact flashlight that can use either lithium cells or the universally common AA batteries is a great combo you can decide what body to use based on the battery type, the size of the light or the runtime you want. It's bright, strong and compact.

You can read more or order for $42 from JS Burly's flashlights.

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