Recta DS56 Global System Compass

The Recta DS56 is a very complete compass, it's similar to many other manufacturer models so you probably can use this review for similar products of different brands.

The DS56 "Global System" means the compass will be useful in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere or if you travel crossing the equator in your trips you need to be careful because many compasses just work fine in the Northern half of the world and start to behave badly in other latitudes.

The DS56 has declination adjustment using a small screw in the back of the compass, it offers a luminiscent bezel, a magnifier, a mirror, sight mark, coordinate scales, side scales, anti slip rubber pads and a clinometer (to measure inclintation and slopes) including a conversion table for degree and slope % in the cover top. I think the only thing missing would be a small red led or something to use it in the dark but the liminiscent material is very good so you probably don't need it.

Besides having all the features you need for map navigation and some extras the best thing about this compass is that is very precise, so you can use it as the tool to calibrate other compasses you can have in your kits, specially the small button sized compasses that tend to be quite unaccurate.

The DS56 retails for about $50, you can read more information at Recta's website.

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