SwissTech UtiliKey

This tool has the size of a normal key so you can put it on your keychain and it will be very hard to distinguish from a normal key.

The utilikey can be opened, removed from the keychain and used as a tool, it offers a blade with plain and serrated edge, a phillips screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a small flat screwdriver useful for glasses.

The blade is small but surprisingly sharp. The screwdrivers work well, maybe the small one is too fat. The bottle opener is fine, does the job. The best about this tool is the ability to go absolutely unnoticed with your keys ready to be used if needed.

Two small problems are that sometimes the tool can open accidentally and might fall from your keychain, so you may want to secure it better; a piece of shrinking tube can help. The other problem is that not having a handle makes the tool not so confortable to use, I tend to grab it from the blade and that is not a very good idea if you need to hold it firmly. The price is about $12, you can get it from several stores and read more information in Swisstech's website.

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okto said...

A hidden benefit of the SwissKey is that it can travel with you on a commercial airline flight unnoticed. I have put mine through the Xray machine with my keys dozens of times and never had a TSA agent notice.

I hate being without a knife, and the SwissKey has made it possible for me to ensure that never happens.